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What a brave woman! Reading author Lori Cameron’s memoir, I can’t help but cry for all the pain she experienced. Nobody deserves what she went through, but Lori still remained faithful to God. Truly an inspiring testimony of God’s love and mercy, especially if we rest in the warmth of His embrace.

The Walk I Took is not your regular memoir, and I highly recommend it!!! We can only assume the worst of this cruel world until someone actually suffers cruelty. And what makes it more miserable is when a loved one inflicts the pain. What an honest book to tell your story, Lori!

Thank you to my fellow fur mom, author Lori Cameron, for this lovely book! Little Ones is a manifestation that animals are no less than us and are actually great companions for life. As a fur mom myself, I truly relate with the connection the author has with her beautiful fur babies.

Indeed, God’s love comes in many forms. Little Ones shows God’s graceful love by giving the author a happy family of fluffy fur babies. Reading this book brought so much joy. Just like the author, I also come from a bad place of company and found my way home to my very own fur baby. I know the author is in peaceful paws.

I have read Lori Cameron’s books already—her story of bravery and resilience in her biography, and her book about the cutest companions she has been with. By this time, I think I can now be called an avid fan. Lori is such an inspiration because despite what she’s been through, she remains to be the gentle soul that she is, grounded in her faith in God. I highly suggest you read her books!

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Title: The Walk I Took: My Biography
Author: Lori P. Cameron
Publisher: Writers Branding, LLC
ISBN: 978-1639454921
Pages: 142
Genre: Memoir / Christian
Reviewed by: Lily Amanda

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The Walk I Took: My Biography is an in-the-furrow memoir written by Lori P. Cameron, and one which sails through the author’s life as she confronts a troubled childhood which was marred with emotional abuse from her alcoholic mother, along with turbulent adult relationships from abusive ex-husbands – and how she eventually paws out with God’s help as she learned how to live a fulfilled life of love and forgiveness.

With a judicious and astute cover page and a striking prologue, Lori dedicates the first chapter of the book to her poignant childhood as she bares her soul and pulls you into the hostile environment she grew up in, her pain, her frustration, and utter desperation. Her early years of adulthood saw her fall into the hands of two cruel and coercive men who had glaring weaknesses prompting her to take a redemptive walk from these heart-wrenching relationships through an inspirational journey of redemption and building a solid relationship with Jesus.

The author bravely peels back the mask highlighting complex but sensitive issues seldom discussed using her life as a kaleidoscope. Throughout, the book shines with the love of a caring Father whose love overflows. Readers will experience all kinds of emotions reading this unvarnished biography that ripples with intensity as the author writes with intimacy and unflinching honesty and encompasses these with a conversational tone. This creates an indelible package for readers to screen through and sop up the numerous takeaways present in this tapestry.

The book’s infusion of Biblical Scriptures and melding these with the litany of events that the writer chooses to discuss, accentuate the story within creating essential elucidation for all who read this text. Few books and individuals have the power to change a life. This book, and what God is doing through it, is one of those rare cases. It serves to remind us that we are not alone in our struggles and that Jesus is with us through these storms.

The Walk I Took: My Biography is unequivocally an indelible cathartic biography fused with life coaching from a quintessential voice with a story to tell.