FAITH AND TRUST in my Lord Jesus when leaving Canada for Wales to a home unseen except by the Lord. He knew exactly what I needed and I put my trust in Him………In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear, and safe is such confiding, for nothing changes here. The storm may roar about me and my heart may low be laid, but God is round about me and can I be dismayed. Wherever He may guide me, no want shall turn me back; my Saviour is beside me, and nothing can I lack. His wisdom ever waketh, His sight is never dim, He knows the way He taketh, and I will walk with Him. Green pastures are before me which yet I have not seen, bright skies will soon be over me, where darkest clouds have been. My hope I cannot measure, my path to life is free. My Saviour has my treasure, and He will walk with me. Amen

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When you read my prayer above, you will have a better understanding of my book, The Walk I Took

This book is my memoir and tells of what the Lord has brought me through. Please read it and let me know what your thoughts are and how it affected you, did it affect you?